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 The Dan Campbell Golf Academy specializes in Fixed Axis Swing Training (FIXST). FIXST is a model centered around swinging the golf club on plane, allowing players to become rotational or linear players.

We believe in a golf swing that is efficient and repeatable for golfers of all ages and skill levels. Based on sound principles of geometry, physics and kinesiology, golf swings that allow for minimal compensations can be created. With the FIXST method, players will achieve simpler, more natural and repetitive swings that will help them reach their goals.

Academy Offerings

Private Instruction (1-on-1)
Small Group Instruction (2-5 People)
On Course Training and Game Planning
TrackMan Launch Monitor Sessions
Summer Camps
Year-Round Comprehensive Junior Program
Tailored Game Improvement Plans

The Dan Campbell Junior Golf Academy features 3 levels of programming that will suit any level of player. Based on age, maturity, experience, goals and skill the instructors at the DCJGA will place students accordingly.. Click here for more information on our junior golf programs.