DCGA Junior Photo Day 2013 297

Fitness Involvement—Players will work out with Mindi Boysen after each practice session. Each junior is evaluated on an individual basis and has a specific workout tailored to their needs. Workouts are focused on strength, cardio, balance and stability. Progress is charted in the gym and used to drive the juniors to beat their past limits and also to ensure results are being achieved. There are three phases to their training:


Phase One—This phase is designed around noticeable body changes. The juniors lift heavier weights to drastically increase strength, challenge aerobic and anaerobic thresholds, and create a habit of gym time.

Phase Two—This phase maintains strength and aerobic thresholds while balancing tournament schedules. This phase teaches players how to manage their bodies so they are in peak shape entering tournaments.

Phase Three—This phase is geared toward the summer months when the juniors are competing more often. Juniors will see Mindi once or twice a month in a boot camp format and are expected to work out on their own using the information and techniques they learned in the first two phases.


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Mindi Boysen, certified golf fitness instructor