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Future Elite Program

The Future Elite Program (FEP) is a year-round comprehensive training program geared toward the young junior golfer who is just a beginner or at the beginning of showing an interest in competitive golf.

In order for junior golfers to be considered for the FEP, they must meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 6, and have been exposed to golf by their parents or other instructors or clinics;
  • Be at a maturity level to handle the time commitment and expectations of the FEP, as evaluated by DCGA instructors; and
  • Have at least a beginner set of clubs.

As a member of the FEP, each player will learn the following values and techniques:

  • First and foremost, players will learn the meaning of hard work, dedication and commitment. Without those three things, an FEP member will not succeed.
  • Focus—an FEP member will learn what it takes to focus on a specific task and understand how to avoid distraction while practicing or playing. 
  • Fundamentals—each FEP member will learn the basic fundamentals of their posture, grip and alignment as well as a very basic understanding of the golf swing.
  • Competition—because FEP members will be competing with their peers on a daily basis, they will slowly be introduced to a competitive atmosphere.
  • Camaraderie—members of the FEP will learn to care for others all while working as hard as they can to succeed themselves.

Benefits—The benefits are as follows:

  • More than 40 hours of instruction with DCGA instructors;
  • Personalized fitness programs for each student;
  • Eight skills challenges with awards for the top performers.
  • Fun, tournament atmosphere group rounds;
  • Discounts on all Cleveland/Srixon equipment and accessories including clubs, balls and gloves;
  • Unlimited video review via smartphone or tablet;
  • Access to and use of high tech training aids and electronics;
  • DCGA Logo clothing and equipment;
  • Lesson material recorded straight to player’s smartphone or tablet.




 FEP members Tyler, Madison, Alex and Mikey holding the 3-Program Challenge Cup after defeating the JEP and PREP!