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The Junior Elite Program (JEP) is a year-round comprehensive training program geared around the highly motivated and focused junior golfer who aspires to play at the collegiate level.

In order for junior golfers to be considered for the JEP, they must meet the following requirements:

  • Currently play on either their high school team or compete locally or nationally on different junior tours;
  • Be at a maturity level to handle the time commitment and expectations of the JEP, as evaluated by DCGA instructors;
  • Carry at least a 3.0 GPA or above;
  • Have a basic knowledge of golf etiquette, rules, and pace of play;
  • Have a full set of golf clubs and essential equipment including balls, gloves and proper golf shoes.

As a member of the JEP, each player will learn the following values and techniques:

  • First and foremost, players will learn the meaning of hard work, dedication and commitment. Without those three things, a JEP member will not succeed.
  • Time management—The JEP is a time-consuming program that expects a lot from each junior golfer.
  • Golf motions mechanics—JEP members will fully understand their golf swing, short game and putting stroke so they never hit a shot in competition without the proper knowledge and understanding of proper execution.
  • Competition—On a daily basis, members of the JEP will compete with their peers in a fun, yet competitive atmosphere.
  • Camaraderie—Members of the JEP will learn to care for others, all while working as hard as they can to succeed themselves.
  • School comes first—Without high-achieving grades and attitude, golf becomes a distant second.
  • Personal growth—The DCGA instructors will do everything in their power to put JEP members around highly influential and successful people, including PGA Tour players so that they will learn to not only be around, but be comfortable with players at all levels.

Benefits—The benefits are as follows:

  • More than 150 hours of instruction with DCGA instructors;
  • Personalized fitness programs for each student;
  • Mental training sessions;
  • Eight skills challenges with awards for the top performers.
  • Competitive group rounds throughout the year;Discounts on all Cleveland/Srixon equipment and accessories including clubs, balls and gloves;
  • Free Cleveland golf bag;
  • Travel to out-of-state tournament;
  • Unlimited video review via smartphone or tablet;
  • Access to and use of high-tech training aids and electronics;
  • DCGA clothing and equipment;
  • Lesson material recorded straight to player’s smartphone or tablet.