Kevin Stadler, PGA Tour Professional

“Since I began working with Dan Campbell three years ago, I have had my best seasons on the PGA Tour. I have consistently ranked among the top ball strikers on Tour and have improved my Official World Ranking each year. I strongly recommend the Dan Campbell Golf Academy to any level of player. The DCGA has what I believe is an unrivaled junior program in the Phoenix Metro area. I wish I had a program like the Junior Elite Program when I was learning to play.”

Scott Harrington, Web.com Tour Professional

“I have been working with Dan Campbell for my entire professional career. After graduating from Northwestern University and turning pro, I knew I needed to find a coach who would guide me along my career. As a coach, Dan expects nothing but the best from his students, and his technique is one that helps achieve nothing but the best from each of his students. If you aspire to play at the highest level, pro or amateur, Dan and the instructors at the Dan Campbell Golf Academy will help you reach your goals.”

Matt Record, Junior at University of Nebraska

“I began working with Dan in 2010 while I was playing at a local community college. With Dan’s coaching and guidance, my game steadily improved to the point where I earned Junior College All American honors and received a scholarship to finish my education at Division 1, University of Nebraska. Any junior golfer in the area should reach out to the Dan Campbell Golf Academy. It helped me reach my goals, let Dan and his instructors help you reach yours.”

John and Cara Herkamp, Parents of an Academy Junior

Dan Campbell Golf Academy instructors Austin Blake and Darren Hince run a stellar program for young golfers.  Our son, Alex, has participated in the DCGA for the past two years.  Alex has developed a love of golf through Darren and Austin’s focused instruction on the rules, his swing, and his short game.  Personal attention, positive reinforcement and group camaraderie among participants are key to the success of the program.  We are forever grateful to DCGA for providing our son with positive role models, not only on the golf course, but also in life skills.  Alex’s enjoyment for participating in the US Kids’ Golf Tournaments mirrors the enthusiasm he possesses during his participation in the DCGA.

Tom Horowitz, Father of a Junior Elite Program Member

“My son Joey has been a part of Darren Hince’s Junior Elite Golf Program at The Dan Campbell Golf Academy at Tatum Ranch in Cave Creek, Arizona, for two years. Darren has been a mentor for Joey since day one. Joey works hard at his golf game and does what Darren tells him to do. Kids in this program have to be committed.

Darren has implemented a personal workout and weight training program for Joey, and he has greatly improved his flexibility and strength. In addition, Darren developed a sports psychology program—monthly or bi-monthly sessions with a sports psychologist who works directly with the Junior Elite Program members.

With involvement in the Junior Elite Program, I believe my son will become competitive enough to earn a college golf scholarship. I could not be more pleased with my son’s progress with Darren and with the Junior Elite Program. It’s a great program, and Joey will continue in it throughout high school.” 

Greg Williams, Tatum Ranch Golf Club member

“I am a high handicapper, who although I love the game, has always found consistency a struggle.  I would bang ball after ball on the range but never really had a purpose to my practice sessions.  Darren and the staff at Dan Campbell Academy have changed it all around for me.  They gave me a comprehensive plan to put me on the track to a better more efficient golf swing.  The plan includes drills, training aids, video and on course management all designed for me to get the most out of my natural abilities.  I love the game more than ever now and I’m close to my initial goal of having a single digit handicap.  If you are looking for a long term cure to your swing mechanics and not just a band aid approach to swing faults, I would highly recommend DCGA.”

Mindi Boysen, Golf Fitness Coach

I was introduced to Darren Hince 4 years ago when he was an assistant to another teaching pro.  At first, I mistakenly assumed that he was a typical young golf fanatic who couldn’t make a living PLAYING golf on tour and was now forced into teaching just to stay around the sport he loves. Boy, was I wrong!

 He proved immediately and has continued to prove in tournaments and charity golf scrambles that he is a VERY STRONG GOLFER.  But I have also learned that playing golf is only a small part in Darren’s life.  His true love is introducing, teaching, and inspiring anyone of any age and ability how to love the game.  He is patient and is dedicated to more than just an “hour lesson” with his students.  He truly wants his students to succeed and puts in a lot of hours studying techniques and research on the latest teachings.

As a detailed business woman myself, I highly respect and admire the “behind the scenes” work that Darren puts in.  He is detail-oriented and is not afraid to invest in equipment of any price if he thinks his students need it.  From spreadsheets, email blasts, phone calls, and video clips…Darren is top-notch in communication skills.  He knows that success only comes with preparation and planning.

He has turned a lonely section of grass into a full-blown Academy for all in a short amount of time.  Those that come to learn from him feel the “family” dynamics while learning with others.  He encourages teamwork as well as hard work.  He does not judge.  Whether you are a brand new person whose only goal is to not whiff when playing with colleagues, a 5 year old junior whose parents so desperately want her to golf, or scratch golfer wanting to win the club championship…Darren is the person I would recommend to fit in all those scenarios every time.